Skip the trip and the line with Direct Deposit. Automatically deposit your paychecks, social security benefits, etc. into your account and protect yourself from lost or stolen checks. (Oh, and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to make a deposit). Make deposits at the speed of data! Your paychecks are electronically transferred from your employer to your Altana account.

Establishing Direct Deposit is done through your employer, who will have the necessary paperwork to set it up. They will need Altana’s routing number (292977666) and your Altana account number. If your employer needs something further, please contact us.

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Benefits of Direct Deposit:

  • Safe – no lost checks
  • Free – no cost to you
  • Easy – set it up and forget it
  • Quick – deposits are made instantly

Use this form, if your employer requires it.

If your employer doesn’t offer Direct Deposit, check out Mobile Banking. You can snap a pic of your check to deposit it.

Want to automatically save more? Ask us about Payroll Deduction. This allows you to split your direct deposited paycheck into separate accounts (some in checking, some in savings).