Can something in your kitchen drawer really help cure cancer? You bet it can!

Did you know there are an estimated 500 million used cellular phones in the United States totaling about three billion dollars in valuable technology? Most of these phones end up in the back of a kitchen drawer which means that billions of dollars are being wasted each year.

There is a solution. Cellular Recycler has created a unique fundraising program to raise money in the fight against cancer by collecting and reselling cellular phones from people like you.

You can help – it’s easy! Empty those kitchen drawers and bring collected phones to your nearest Altana location. Raid your friends’ and neighbors’ kitchens too.

Every phone makes a difference. Every cellular phone you collect equals a donation directly to the American Cancer Society. The more you collect, the closer we’ll be to a cure for cancer.

For more information, contact:

Curing cancer one cell phone at a time.