Mobile Banking
Simplify your finances

Mobile Banking


With Altana’s mobile banking app, you can use your screen time to keep track of your money. Use our app to track every single penny. Literally. If you don’t want to know where your money goes, that’s okay, download the app anyway. It’s that cool.


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Altana  Online Banking Tips


Use your existing user ID and password. (If you don’t use Altana’s online banking, you’ll need to establish your log-in on a PC first. Don’t have a PC? No worries, contact us for assistance.) That’s it!

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Mobile Banking Includes:

Money Mobile

A convenient way to see all your accounts

Fingerprint Log-in

Log-in with the touch of your finger

Mobile Deposit

Deposit a check by snapping a pic

Quick Balance

See your balance without logging in

Travel Scheduler

Schedule your cards when you travel

SMS Text Banking

Get your account information by text

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