3 Money (Tech) Hacks We’re Loving Right Now

Every day, the fin-tech world blesses us with something that makes spending, saving, and sharing just a little easier. Lately, we’re digging these three:


1) Quick Balance.

Keep track of your balance and stick to your budget.  Quick Balance allows you to check your balance with your fingerprint (or via facial recognition). Good-bye, logging in. Hello, secure, 1-second convenience.  (Don’t have our app?  Click here for iphone  and here for Android.)


2) Santa’s Bag

It’s Christmas in…May? Well, kinda. Plan gifts and wish lists throughout the year and make the holidays a breeze. (Literally…never forget the perfect gift idea again.)  Our fave part? You can set a holiday budget and monitor your spending. (#protip – Start saving now, automatically, with our Christmas Club account!)


3) Apple Pay.

Nowadays, you’re more likely to forget your wallet than your phone, and Apple Pay makes going cashless, effortless. Set up a mobile wallet with all your cards (including an Altana card), and make purchases (and pay friends) automatically. (No iphone? GooglePay and Samsung Pay work too.)

What are some of your favorite money apps these days? We’d love to hear! Message us on Instagram or Facebook and we’ll share them!