Get on the Fast Track to Paying off Your Mortgage…

If you’re in a 30 year mortgage loan, but have big dreams of living mortgage free, you’re in luck…there are ways to get there.  We’re pros at getting creative so you can start living your best life without a house payment.


Altana’s 5/5/5 variable rate product:

A 5/5/5 loan offers a low, adjustable rate mortgage.  (The good news?  It can only adjust every 5 years, and never by more than 2 percentage points.)  Also, lower rates mean lower payments, so dropping down to a 5/5/5 makes a 15 year mortgage seem more feasible.

Altana’s 10 Yr Fixed:

This option shaves another 5 years off the length of your loan, which again results in low rates, but zero surprises.  The rate you see when you sign the papers is what’s set in stone for the length of your loan.  An added bonus?  This option comes with a low origination fee.


We’d love to help you do the math on a few of these options so you can put yourself on the fast track to a mortgage free life.   Click here to make an appointment, call (406) 651-AFCU (2328), or visit any location and ask to speak to a Real Estate Professional.


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