Loans can be a financial gamble. Let’s face it. Life happens. We offer affordable insurances to protect you against loss.

Member’s Choice™ Borrower Security
Borrower Security helps you get relief from the financial burden of delinquency, default, or foreclosure if a protected life event unexpectedly happens to you. This is a voluntary loan payment protection product, whether you’re opening a home improvement loan or buying a vehicle.

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GAP Insurance
Gap protects against financial loss in case your vehicle is damaged beyond repair (totaled) or stolen. GAP covers the difference between what you owe and what your insurance pays for your loss.

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Mechanical Repair Coverage
Mechanical Repair Coverage provides extended insurance to avoid unexpected, costly repairs on your vehicle’s equipment. It reimburses rental, towing and travel expenses in case of a breakdown.

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TruStage Insurance Options
If a qualified unforeseen event renders you unable to meet your obligations, and you’re a protected borrower or co-borrower on the loan, your payments will be cancelled or reduced.

  • Loss of life, including those caused by acts of war
  • Disability, including those caused by acts of war
  • Involuntary unemployment

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