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Wealth Builder

Wealth Builder provides the discipline to guarantee savings growth. Automatic deposits are required and you have limited access to your funds. You have no choice but to grow your savings. You begin to earn dividends right away, which makes your savings grow even faster.

Features Benefits
You must have an automatic transfer into the account (internal transfer, transfer from another institution, Direct Deposit, etc.) of at least $25 per monthConvenience
If all funds are withdrawn before reaching $1,000 balance, a $25 closure fee will applyAffordable
If member stops the automatic transfer, the balance of the account will be transferred to the S1 accountEnsures savings
Dividends are calculated using the average daily balance and are paid monthly on the last day of the monthEarns dividends
Pays higher dividend rate than regular savings accountEarns higher rate of return
Maximum balance of $10,000 to earn dividendsFlexibility
Periodic statement, usually quarterly, monthly if any electronic or telephone services are utilized, such as Telephone Teller, Online Banking or ACHPeace of mind
You may access your account in person, by mail, Direct Deposit, Online Banking, Telephone Teller and Payroll DeductionConvenient
Federally insured by NCUA for up to $250,000Peace of mind
Electronic withdrawals are unavailable for this accountEnsures Growth
Unlimited withdrawals are allowed as long the account balance remains above $1,000. If the balance drops below $1,000, you may withdraw twice for free, but you must bring the balance up to $1,000 before you can make any additional fee-free withdrawalsConvenient
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