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FYI & Cubby Certificate

A certificate with a low $100 initial investment that earns higher dividends. If you know you won’t need access to your funds, this is a great way to watch your savings grow.

Interest rates vary according to the length of the term. Dividends may be transferred quarterly to your savings or checking account or added to your certificate balance.

Features Benefits
No feesAffordable
Minimum balance for certificates is $100Higher deposit, higher yield
Rate is fixed for term of certificatePeace of mind
Six (6) month and twelve (12) month termsConvenient
Dividends are calculated based on average daily balance and are paid monthly; dividends are added to the balance, or when requested may be transferred to a savings or checking account within the same account number.Earns dividends
Higher dividend yield than share savings accountsPeace of mind
Member is mailed maturity notice 30 days prior to maturity date; certificate automatically renews based on previous term at prevailing board rates; ten (10) day grace period for member change requestsConvenient
Periodic statement, usually quarterly, monthly if any electronic or telephone services are utilized, such as Telephone Teller or ACHPeace of mind
Early withdrawal allowed; results in a penalty equal to 90 days dividendsFlexible
Certificate funds may be used as loan collateralSecurity, saves money
Federally insured by NCUA for up to $250,000Peace of mind
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