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Courtesy Pay FAQs

  • If I choose to opt-in to Courtesy Pay, what does this mean?

    It means you give Altana permission to pay transactions in excess of your available balance. If paid, a fee of $32.00 per item may be assessed.

  • What if I choose not to opt-in?

    If you do not opt-in, any transaction that would result in an overdraft of your account will be declined or returned as an NSF and you will be charged a $32 return check fee.

  • How can I opt-in to Courtesy Pay?

    Altana members can call 406-651-AFCU (2328) or visit their local branch to continue coverage.

  • Is anyone exempt from making a choice regarding Courtesy Pay?

    All checking accounts are impacted by this regulation. Members must opt-in for Courtesy Pay or they will not be covered.

  • Is there a fee to opt-in to Courtesy Pay?

    No. There is no fee to opt-in to this service; however if you use Courtesy Pay and an item is paid resulting in an overdraft of your account, a fee of $32 may be assessed.

  • What fees will I incur if Altana covers my overdraft?

    You may incur a fee of $32 each time an overdraft is covered on your account. You need to qualify for Courtesy Pay, up to $1000.

  • How many times can I incur a fee in the same day?

    There is no limit on the number of fees you can incur per day on your account. It just depends on the number of items that overdraft your account.

  • Can I change my decision to continue this service?

    Yes. You can change your decision to have Courtesy Pay at any time.