Wealth Builder

If you start with good intentions, but lack the discipline to keep building your savings, a Wealth Builder may be the account for you. It takes away the temptation to spend by making deposits mandatory, and slapping you with a fee for taking money out before you reach $1,000. If that’s not incentive enough, it rewards you with a great rate. Oh, and just to keep you honest, there is no online access to your funds – you can look, but you cannot touch.

  • Minimum balance is $25
  • No monthly service fees
  • Must have a monthly automatic transfer of at least $25 (or more!)
  • Unlimited withdrawals (in person) as long as $1,000 balance is maintained.
  • If account is closed before you reach $1,000, we’ll fee you $25
  • Earns dividends between $25 – $10,000

Wealth Builder Plus

Okay, you’re getting the hang of the savings habit and you’re ready for more growth. The Wealth Builder Plus pays you higher dividends, but still restricts access to funds to guarantee you don’t splurge on shiny new items you may or may not need.

  • Minimum balance is $2500 to avoid fees
  • No monthly fees, unless you don’t maintain minimum balance
  • Must have a monthly automatic transfer of at least $100 (or more!)
  • Unlimited free withdrawals (in person) as long as minimum balance is maintained
  • Earns dividends between $2,500 – $20,000


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