Basic Savings
We're here to help you save more


To encourage savings, everyone owns a “membership share savings” and maintains at least $25 in it to be part of the cooperative.

•  $25 to earn dividends, no monthly fees
•  Easily access your funds
•  Provides protection to avoid overdraft charges for your Altana checking

Metro Savings


•  Boost your savings plan
•  Earn a premium rate on a lower balance
•  Earn dividends on balances below $10,000
•  eStatements required


Savings Rates





If you’re saving for medical expenses or a first time home purchase, we have accounts that allow you to save up to $3,000 free from state taxes. Joint tax filers can save up to $6,000 free from state taxes to purchase your first home. Please contact Altana for information about opening these accounts.


Keys to savings success:


Funds are federally insured by NCUA (under your mattress is not)


Put your savings on automatic pilot (machines don't need excuses)


Go online to watch your savings grow (it's quicker than you think)


Develop the discipline to leave it alone (we can help with that)

Christmas Club

Keep the joy of the season alive, even during Black Friday madness with a Christmas Club. By saving a little all year, Christmas expenses aren’t a shock to your budget.

•  Funds are transferred to your checking on the first business day in November
•  Minimum balance is $25, no monthly fees
•  Automatic transfers make savings automatic
•  Earns dividends on balances between $25 – $5,000



Tools to watch yours savings grow:


View balances anytime


Never be far from your money

Money Markets

A Money Market marries the benefits of higher dividends with maximum flexibility. It’s the best of both worlds. Tiered rates ensure that you earn the max amount for your money. If you’re wise (and we know you are) and have an active checking account with Altana, you qualify for a Premier Money Market, with even higher dividends!


•  Minimum balance is $10,000 to earn dividends, no monthly fees
•  Free checks – up to 3 per month
•  Easily access your funds online or through an ATM
•  Funds secure a loan or provide protection to avoid overdraft charges for your Altana checking


SAM Money Market

•  The higher the balance, the higher the rate
•  Earn dividends on balances between $25,000 – $100,000

Savings Rates


MAX Money Market

•  Earn the MAX on your money
•  Earn dividends on balances greater than $250,000
•  New money only, from an outside source

Savings Rates




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