New Year, Same Us

Ready for some real talk?  We’re not much for New Year’s resolutions.  Why? Our experience is that real change happens when people are ready, not when a calendar says they should be.


However, the new year can prompt us to think about what is (and isn’t) working.  After the holidays, most default to the basics:  Exercise.  Eating right.  Less consumption. But when is the last time you evaluated the one thing that often dictates everything else?


Yep.  We’re talking about money.  Without it, there’s no fancy gym membership and your cupboard has no chance of staying stocked with spendy kale chips and kombucha.


If you’re suffering from financial paralysis when it comes to stacking the benjamins, here are three quick and easy things to get a change into motion:

1. TALK IT OUT. We get it.  It’s nerve-racking to visit with someone about financial issues!  But if you’re not an expert, find one. (We know a few.)  Running paycheck-to-paycheck? Come talk to us.  We see this at EVERY income level. We’ll be as hands on (or off) as you’d like.  We don’t want to pry, we just want to help.

If you’ve got extra cash at the end of the month, let’s figure out how to make that money work for you.

2. ELIMINATE & SIMPLIFY. We know how to simplify savings.  Here’s the problem:  other companies simplify spending. How many apps are you auto-paying on a monthly basis simply because you failed to cancel after the “freebie” period?  Take an hour, comb your budget, find them, and get rid of them.  (Your budget is a lot easier to manage when line items get deleted.)

3. ACCOUNTABILITY.  Automate it.  We can set up text alerts that send you an updated balance of your checking account EVERY TIME you make a purchase (#protip: sign up your spouse, too.  It’s harder to sneak your latte’ into the budget if your spouse gets an alert before it even gets cold.)  Set up an auto-transfer into a savings accounts.  We even have savings accounts that will penalize you for touching the money before you’re supposed to!


In the end, it’s you who decides what changes to make and how much accountability to build in; we’re just here to help you get there.  Let’s meet up and get started…today, tomorrow, or whenever you decide you’re ready.

(P.S. – If you’re more of a Social Media kind of person, PM us on Facebook  or DM us on Instagram, and we’ll personally set you up with someone perfect for you and your goals.)