A CD Special Even Grandma Will Envy

Okay, that headline is totally misleading.  Grandma can snag the rate too.

17 months – 1.70% apy*    |    27 months – 2.10% apy*

Not too shabby, eh?  Let’s do the math.  Say you’ve got $3,000 sitting around and don’t need it, but don’t know what to do with it.  You could stick it in a savings account and earn just over a $1.00, or you could throw it into this CD for 17 months and earn over $72.00.  That’s it.  Just by leaving it alone.

And grandma?  Maybe she’s got $10,000 sitting around in her good old-fashioned savings account.  She could stick it in to our CD for 27 months, and the CD value at the end of the term would be $10,478.73 (yes, Grandma just made $478.73, just by letting her money sit there, risk free.).  In a regular savings account, grandma would bring in about $4.00 bucks in the same time frame.

So, whether you’re the grandma or the grandkid, spread the news.  It’s about to make you the favorite.

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*apy = annual percentage yield. Limited time offer. Accurate as of 10/17/2017. Early withdrawal penalties apply.