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House buying can be incredibly fun. It can also be a bit stressful.  Here’s the good news:  you have us.  And we’re nerds about this stuff, so you’re in good hands.  That said, here’s a quick and easy checklist to get your head in the game. 1.Figure out what you can afford.    We know, […]

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Good news!  We’re giving away two scholarships for 2018.  Students must be members of a credit union in the Midland Empire Chapter of Credit Unions.   (#Protip: Altana is one of those credit unions!) $1000 Traditional This scholarship is awarded to students graduating this year or who are currently in college with less than a 3-year gap […]

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Montana Cooperatives

The story of Montana cooperatives began on the dusty dangerous trails when families who were heading west joined together in wagon trains to help one another. By working together, they ensured the safety and security of all.

Since the wagon trains, Montanans have learned that much can be accomplished by working together. The barn-building, quilting bees, and crop harvesting of the early days ensured that Montana was settled rapidly through cooperative action.

Our first schools came from cooperating, and rural areas received electricity and telephones as the result of cooperatives.

Today the cooperative spirit has spread far beyond these rural or agricultural levels. Montana can be proud of its heritage of cooperative growth. Our future will remain bright as long as its people continue to hold sacred this spirit of cooperation.

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