Discover a New Teller Experience – ITMs Are Here!

Our new heights location has ITMs installed in the lobby and through the drive-thru. This new teller experience gives you the choice of how you want to conduct your banking!

First off, what’s an ITM? It stands for Interactive Teller Machine. It’s basically an ATM with the option to have teller – assisted help, or as we like to say, an ATM with personality! It allows you to interact with a teller through two-way video chat directly on the screen. You get the same friendly, face-to-face service from our tellers in a simple to use format.

What can an ITM do? Pretty much everything a teller can do. You can cash a check, no matter what amount it’s for – giving you exact change (down to the penny). You can deposit checks or cash or both, into your accounts. You can make a loan or Visa card payment. You can check the balances in your accounts and transfer funds between accounts.

Simply choose to use it as a traditional ATM, or as an ITM. You can plug in your headphones for added privacy. You can use the online chat button to type a secure message or use pre-typed banking requests.


Watch our facebook live video here! or play the video below.