Frugal… but make it *Festive*

Tis the season to get festive! But with fees around every corner, it’s tough to do it all and stay in budget. So, this is your yearly reminder that Christmas Cheer doesn’t have to put your tinsel in a tangle! Here’s a little about how we like to make frugal, *festive:*

1. Thrift Stores contain all the Season’s Spirit

The obvious benefits of thrifting are in its name: it’s thrifty! You save major bucks when you shop secondhand (and you give Mother Earth a hug in the process!) And who can deny the feeling of opening a Holiday time capsule to your childhood? Those memories, while *technically* priceless, are now as affordable as ever since thrifting became popular again. Half the fun is in the thrift-hunt: but scoring a dozen large ornaments just like the ones Grandma used to use for $3.00, definitely makes my heart grow three sizes bigger.

2. Set your Sights on Sales

If you haven’t struck luck thrifting, all major craft stores are very transparent about their sales. If you watch their websites, you can score major deals – JoAnn Fabrics, Michael’s, and HomeGoods are just a few significant places to check out. (Trust us, they know you’re checking them out around Black Friday, so take advantage of the deals!) Also, don’t forget the after Holiday sales! If the Holidays are that important to you, we at least want you to prepare for them while the deals are on. However, don’t let all the Good Tidings fool you into emptying your wallets!

3. Forage *Festively*

Have you looked outside lately? We live in Montana – no question, the prettiest state in the U.S. And I’ll be the first to raise my hand and say, “I have a Juniper problem. I need it on my mantle, in my flower vases, in my planters outside. And I know a whole state where I can get plenty of it!”

*Full disclosure: Please, do not trespass on private property or put yourself in compromising situations to forage. No savings are worth compromising yourself this season, or any season. 

4. Get Comfortable with DIY

Exercise your out-of-the-box thinking and repurpose some of what you may already have! For instance, I’ve used paper bags I get from grocery shopping and repurpose it as wrapping paper. Leave it blank for a minimalist and modern look, or outline a simple Snowman or Reindeer drawing in black sharpie for the kids to color at Christmastime! Don’t mean to brag; I’ve received compliments from such a simple touch!

5. Learn from the Pros

The internet is full of inspiration and creative people who don’t mind you borrowing their ideas! Decorating on Dimes, YoungHouseLove, and The Design Twins are regulars I go-to for all my Holiday inspiration – not to mention they love sharing the savings!

While it is essential to mind your money and save where you can, spending time is always more valuable than spending money. My biggest tip this season is to spend it with those that are important to you. Dig out your family board games or old VCRs to watch your favorite movies. Take some time to reach out to your community and give back with your time, your talents, or money. Take a drive to see your neighborhood Christmas lights. Those memories and moments of giving back are truly what is priceless this season.